Buffalo Nite FAQs

We’ve been doing Buffalo Nite for many years, learning a few things along the way. Follow our tips to make your evening more enjoyable.

1. Plan transportation early. The District’s traffic is notorious, and parking is scarce.

  • We suggest taking the metro. The closest stations are Union Station (red line) and Capitol South (blue, orange, and silver lines), both within half a mile.
  • If driving, give yourself extra time to get to the event and park at Union Station for $20. Union Station is 0.3 miles north of Dirksen’s entrance.
  • Taxi cabs in the District are ubiquitous.
  • See our map below.

2. Best entrance. The entrance nearest the event is located at the intersection of First and C Streets, NE. See our map below.

3. Security. Dirksen requires you to pass through a metal detector and to run your bags through an x-ray machine; travel light. Dirksen security staff may be alerted to unattended items; we regret that neither Buffalo Nite volunteers nor Dirksen staff will watch your bags or other valuables.

4. Wear comfortable shoes. Our event is a three-hour social event meant to be wandered through. There’s no seating.




Are you a Buffalo Nite veteran with additional suggestions? Let us know via email info@buffalonite.org